Mediating Your Prenuptial Agreement

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The best way to prepare for the divorce is to plan ahead.  That is through a prenuptial agreement (also known as a premarital or antenuptial agreement).  There is an overwhelming stigma surrounding prenuptial agreements.  In fact, many people think of them as an immediate concession that divorce lingers somewhere in the future. However, prenuptial agreements, if gone about in a mutual, instead of adversarial way, can actually position your marriage to begin on the right foot with a comforting and understood future.

The key to this is the creation of a prenuptial agreement within the security of premarital mediation.  Through the use of premarital mediation, you and your spouse-to-be can create an informed prenuptial agreement, as you work together to make financial decisions about your future.  While examining things with you mediator, such as what you and your fiancé would want to happen with your finances in the event of divorce and how the laws of the state you will live in might affect such decisions, you will begin the ever difficult money discussion that can be a grave spot for many newlyweds.  With the help of a premarital mediator, you and your fiancé will be able to have a transparent conversation about how finances will be handled in your marriage and in doing so will be able to strengthen the financial foundation upon which your marriage will stand in the years to come.

Mediation is a favorable alternative that can reduce the financial burden on you and your spouse-to-be. With mediation, a couple pays one mediator rather than two attorneys, dramatically cutting the accumulative cost.  Moreover, the mediation process is much more efficient. Since both parties are together during the sessions, decisions can be made in a timelier fashion, shortening the overall billable time. The communication between parties during mediation facilitates negotiation and eliminates the need for excessive correspondence and the endless review of documents between opposing attorneys.

In mediating a prenuptial agreement, neither spouse-to-be will have to feel bombarded or pressured by the other spouse-to-be to sign the agreement.  A prenuptial agreement within the setting of premarital mediation can provide the perfect grounds for open dialogue between the soon-to-be spouses and lay the path for a financial future full of mutual understanding and comfort.benefits of mediation, Family Law Mediator Massachusetts, Family Law Mediator Mass., Family Law Mediator Suffolk County, Family Law Mediator Middlesex County, Family Law Mediator Essex County, Family Law Mediator Norfolk County, Family Law Mediator Boston, Family Law Mediator Winthrop, Family Law Mediator East Boston, Family Law Mediator Revere, Family Law Mediator Danvers, Family Law Mediator Lynnfield, Family Law Mediator Marblehead, Family Law Mediator Swampscott, Family Law Mediator Nahant, Family Law Mediator Peabody, Family Law Mediator Salem, Family Law Mediator Saugus, Family Law Mediator Arlington, Family Law Mediator Belmont, Family Law Mediator Burlington, Family Law Mediator Cambridge, Family Law Mediator Everett, Family Law Mediator Malden, Family Law Mediator Medford, Family Law Mediator Melrose, Family Law Mediator North Reading, Family Law Mediator Reading, Family Law Mediator Somerville, Family Law Mediator Stoneham, Family Law Mediator Wakefield, Family Law Mediator Watertown, Family Law Mediator Wilmington, Family Law Mediator Winchester, Family Law Mediator Woburn, Family Law Mediator Brookline, Family Law Mediator Braintree, Family Law Mediator Milton, Family Law Mediator Quincy, Family Law Mediator Chelsea

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