Property Division

Aside from custody and other issues directly involving children, how property and debts will be divided is the issue most likely to cause substantial conflict in a Massachusetts divorce. It is essential to prepare thoroughly and make every attempt to reach a fair settlement without trial. Everyone facing divorce should be wary of spending more fighting over assets than those assets are worth.

At Amaral & Associates, P.C., we guide men and women of all ages and wide-ranging economic circumstances in the Boston area through every aspect of divorce. Our attorneys are diligent in gaining a clear financial picture in each case, so that we can align our efforts with our clients’ unique priorities. We help our clients keep legal costs in full view so that they can make sound, confident decisions regarding marital property and all other issues.

Experienced Advocacy Covering All Aspects Of Marital Asset Division

Attorneys Edward L. Amaral, Jr., and Talia Simonds have decades of collective experience asserting and defending clients’ financial interests in divorce. We know how to approach cases at all levels of conflict and complexity, including those that call for:

  • Thorough analysis of all financial considerations in the case, including projected child support and alimony orders, if applicable
  • Valuation of substantial assets such as family-owned businesses, real estate and investment interests
  • Investigation and action to address complex financial matters such as either spouse’s allegations that the other has hidden income or assets

The overwhelming majority of clients we assist are able to resolve all disputed property division issues through negotiation or in mediation. However, we are capable trial attorneys prepared to litigate aggressively when no fair settlement can be reached.

In every case, we provide our clients with full-service representation through preparation of pleadings, motions, affidavits, financial statements, separation agreements and other legal documents. Our lawyers stay engaged and responsive to client needs every step of the way. We are committed to maximizing the value we deliver and helping our clients obtain just outcomes as efficiently and affordably as possible.

Further, we have a strong and comprehensive network of financial experts to draw upon to consult and advise clients on issues related to property division. Our network includes certified divorce financial analysts (CDFAs), pension appraisers, certified public accountants (CPAs), business appraisers, and attorneys specializing in the preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs). We analyze the needs of each client and the facts of each case and engage these experts to maximize the client’s financial return in property division.

Our attorneys have published many informative articles on property division and related financial issues, including:

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