What legal recourse do you have when your ex-spouse refuses to comply with the terms of your divorce decree or the parent of your child does not meet his or her child support obligations? When negotiations are ineffective or not possible, it is often necessary to file a complaint for contempt in the appropriate Massachusetts court.

Balanced, Dependable Counsel • Prompt Action To Compel Compliance

At Amaral & Associates, P.C., in Winthrop and Boston, you will find lawyers with decades of experience in Massachusetts family and probate courts, along with in-depth knowledge of the steps required to enforce court orders. We assist men and women throughout our area coping with acts of noncompliance such as:

  • Nonpayment of child support or alimony as ordered by the court
  • Refusal to transfer assets property awarded to either spouse in an agreement and court order
  • Refusal to allow a noncustodial parent visitation time with children as stipulated by the court

Dedicated family law attorney Edward L. Amaral, knows from experience that conflict between ex-spouses and unmarried parents can be volatile and intimidating. Some findings of contempt carry severe penalties, extending to potential jail time for the noncompliant party in some cases. Where violence, threats or intimidation are involved, we advise people on their ability to obtain 209A restraining orders. We help our clients weigh all their options and make sound, confident decisions about contempt and enforcement actions.

We File Valid Contempt Complaints And Defend The Falsely Accused

We also recognize that false allegations and extenuating circumstances are factors in some cases. If you have been improperly accused of noncompliance with a court order, we will assess all relevant facts and provide defense representation. In some cases, it is essential to pursue separate actions for modification of existing orders.

The economic and personal burdens of dealing with an uncooperative ex-spouse are serious. Delays in taking action may be costly, and you should seek qualified legal counsel as promptly as possible when these problems arise. For a helpful initial consultation at no charge to help you evaluate next steps, please call 617-539-1010 or contact our firm online now.