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Divorce in the Boston area is stressful and intimidating, whatever your specific family and personal circumstances may be. How you deal with family law problems after or apart from divorce, such as any type of custody, visitation or support dispute, can also have a major impact on your relationships and future happiness. Information is power in these situations. You need advice that is credible, practical and easy to understand.

Negotiation, Mediation Or Litigation To Protect You In Your Divorce Or Other Family Law Matter

When decisions involving your children, assets and future financial obligations will be made, you should have a clear understanding of relevant Massachusetts laws. It is essential to establish key priorities and explore all legal options. In our view, the most important thing is to have experienced, balanced divorce counsel focused on finding the best approach to your case. For more tips on making this choice, see our article on How To Find A Good Lawyer.

We Will Approach Your Case In A Manner That Reduces Time, Saves Costs And Meets Your Needs And Goals

Complex, emotionally charged family law issues are familiar territory for us at Amaral & Associates, P.C. We have more than 30 years of collective experience helping men and women resolve their divorces and other family law matters and move forward in life. Attorneys Edward L. Amaral, Jr., and Talia Simonds are proven capable of handling the most contested disputes, whether through mediation or litigation, but we strive to help as many clients as possible resolve issues through divorce and family law mediation.

Either Attorney Amaral or Attorney Simonds will step in and help you at any point in the processes of preparing for and getting through divorce. Many people find that our FIT™ Divorce Mediation Program — so named because it is designed to provide a fast, inexpensive and thorough experience — is ideally suited to their goals.

However, if a strategic, all-out effort is required to protect your interests in any aspect of divorce and family law, we will guide you through every step required to prepare for and get through your divorce or other family law challenge. Our full-service representation includes, but is not limited to: alimony, alimony reform, modifications of alimony, child support, modifications of child support, parenting plans, contempt actions, custody, removal of children from Massachusetts to another state, paternity, division of assets, division of liabilities, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, medical and life insurance, and complicated financial and tax matters. We will guide you every step of the way to help you prepare for and get through your divorce or other family law matter.

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From convenient office locations in Winthrop and in Boston's North End and Waterfront, we provide complete divorce and family law services. We welcome clients of all ages, from all backgrounds and occupations. To request an initial consultation, call or contact us online anytime.

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