Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders

Domestic violence is a serious, pervasive problem that affects people of all ages, across the full spectrum of cultural and economic circumstances throughout the entire Boston area. If you have been abused or you fear for the safety and well-being of children, there is no time to lose in seeking highly engaged, well-qualified legal counsel. The same is true if you are accused of any form of domestic violence.

Massachusetts law provides for the issuance of 209A protective orders — sometimes called abuse prevention orders or "restraining orders" — intended to stop, deter and prevent domestic violence. These are enforceable civil orders that may forbid contact with the accuser and certain other actions, independent of any criminal charges or penalties. At Amaral & Associates, P.C., our dedicated family lawyers respond quickly and effectively to all client concerns surrounding such orders.

Do You Need To Seek A 209A Restraining Order? Facing Allegations That Threaten Your Relationships And Future?

People throughout the Boston metro area and surrounding communities turn to our attorneys for guidance and decisive legal action when, for example:

  • Emergency, temporary and/or long-term orders of protection are necessary to protect against violence and abuse by an ex-spouse or intimate partner
  • Allegations of domestic violence or abuse are raised by accusers who are preparing to file for divorce or initiate another potentially adversarial step such as a paternity action

It would be difficult to overstate the seriousness of your situation if you are living in fear of domestic violence or if allegations against you pose a threat to your position in divorce, your parental rights, access to your home or other priorities. Attorneys Edward L. Amaral, Jr., and Talia Simonds will assess all facts of your case and help you decide on the best way to proceed.

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Our clear goals in every family law case include protection of all of our clients’ legal rights and personal well-being. We have in-depth knowledge of how the courts in Suffolk County, Middlesex County and Essex County approach and deal with 209A restraining orders.

Please do not delay getting the information and advice you need in this pivotal time. We maintain full-service offices in Boston’s North End and Waterfront and in Winthrop, Massachusetts, and our work together can begin with an initial consultation at no charge.