Child Custody, Visitation & Child Support

When married parents in the Boston area divorce or unmarried parents establish parentage, child custody and child support are very important issues. The orders issued typically impact parent-child relationships and the financial resources of all those involved for many years to come.

At Amaral & Associates, P.C., a long-standing law firm with offices in Winthrop and Boston, we help our clients understand relevant Massachusetts laws and protect their children’s interests as well as their own. You may find more information that is very valuable for you in our article offering Ten Tips For Divorcing Parents.

Knowledgeable Information And Skilled Advocacy For Parents And Their Children

Massachusetts courts prioritize serving children’s best interests in all family law matters. However, parents often disagree over what that means given their specific circumstances, creating the potential for highly contentious disputes. Our lawyers, Edward L. Amaral, Jr., and Talia Simonds, have decades of collective experience helping mothers and fathers focus on what matters most and establish fair, workable arrangements. We emphasize:

  • Resolution of disputes involving care and rearing of children through negotiation or mediation whenever possible, shielding children from intense, sometimes emotionally harmful conflict and avoiding other high costs of family litigation
  • Active education of our clients on the meaning of terms such as legal custody and physical custody, along with exploration of all viable options for custody and visitation orders
  • Research and advocacy to ensure child support orders are fair to our client and based on accurate financial information
  • Thorough case-building and preparation to advocate for our clients and their children when disputes cannot be resolved out of court
  • The use of experts, including Guardians ad Litem and parenting coordinators when necessary to investigate matters relating to parenting or facilitate resolution of disputes between parents

Divorce • Paternity • Modifications Of Custody, Support And Other Orders

In addition to handling all types of divorce cases, we assist our clients when substantial changes in circumstances occur and modifications of custody, visitation, child support or other orders become necessary. In fact, attorney Talia Simonds was one of only three attorneys statewide hired through a federal grant to work on a pilot program in conjunction with the Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Division, and the Probate and Family Court, that was charged with streamlining the child support modification process. We also assist clients with contempt and enforcement actions.

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If you need clear, helpful guidance on a Boston-area child custody, visitation or support matter — or any other family law concern — we encourage you to contact our firm for an initial consultation.

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