Estate Planning

Every responsible adult in the Boston, Massachusetts, area — and certainly every person with children or significant assets — should have a basic last will and testament, health care proxy and durable power of attorney. Putting a few other essential documents in place allows you to designate people you trust to handle your affairs and record your wishes should you become incapacitated.

Additionally, divorce and many other family law matters can impact a spouse or parent’s estate plan. After concluding any divorce or family law matter, it is important for the client to review his or her estate plans to ensure it still is current and accurate or make necessary changes. For more information on this topic, please read our article on The Impact of Divorce On A Spouse’s Estate Plan.

Basic estate planning is a clear strength for our legal team at Amaral & Associates, P.C. Our skills and efficiency lead to many referrals specifically for this service, and we routinely assist family law clients who need to amend or replace documents created prior to a divorce or other major event.

Wills And Trusts, Including Medicaid Trusts • Comprehensive Disability And Medical Planning

Our lawyers have your needs covered, in terms of estate planning tools and components. We have specific strengths in advance Medicaid planning, including the formation of Medicaid trusts, as well as crisis planning for people who need Medicaid assistance in the short term and still wish to protect assets. We can answer all of your questions and document your wishes through:

  • Wills that clearly designate heirs, address specific property issues and often greatly reduce the likelihood of family conflict
  • Trusts that can be indispensable for avoiding significant estate taxes and passing as much on to loved ones as possible
  • Powers of attorney that address how and by whom your financial decisions will be made if you are disabled or incapacitated
  • Health care proxies that ensure that the person you trust most to make medical decisions if you cannot is legally empowered to do so
  • Living wills that may contain specific instructions regarding use of life-sustaining equipment and treatments to be given or withheld in various medical scenarios

The costs and complexities of obtaining long-term health care should never be underestimated. Estate planning has long been important, but the threat of having an accident or illness cost you all of your resources is very real today. Having an estate plan in place can save a client hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a guardianship or conservatorship action that would be necessary if no estate plan is in place.

Speak With An Experienced, Highly Responsive Estate Planning Lawyer

Across our legal practice, based in Boston’s North End and Waterfront and in Winthrop, we emphasize efficiency and affordability. Our attorneys do not recommend costly services that go beyond clients’ needs. We are diligent, however, in making sure that clients understand available estate planning options and succeed in setting up solid plans aligned with their goals.

For an initial consultation at a time that works for you, call 617-539-1010 or send an email right now.

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