Complex Financial Matters

Massachusetts law governing the equitable distribution of property provides broad discretion to judges and, in some cases, plenty of room for disputes between divorcing spouses. If you have significant wealth or specific, complex assets that you wish to protect, thorough preparation and experienced counsel are essential in the Boston area.

At Amaral & Associates, P.C., we help clients understand relevant laws and educate them about the many financial ramifications and impacts of divorce. Edward L. Amaral, Jr. and other Amaral Attorneys, have helped over 1,000 people resolve disputed issues through negotiation and mediation. When complex financial matters demand rigorous research and advocacy in court, we deliver exactly that.

Targeting Fair, Timely Resolution Of Disputes Over Money And Property

Our legal team is well-equipped to address all facets of property division in your case, as well as your right to receive, or likely obligation to pay, child support or alimony. We frequently publish articles and blog posts on emerging issues in these areas of Massachusetts family law. Clients benefit from our:

  • Rigorous approach to pre-divorce planning, including conducting asset searches to ensure we have a clear, accurate picture of both spouses’ financial situations
  • Network of highly qualified resources for valuation of businesses, professional practices, real estate, investment holdings and other complex assets — as well as for asset tracing, forensic accounting and other specialized needs
  • Extensive knowledge of Massachusetts statutes and case law regarding the treatment of inheritances, pensions, retirement accounts and other high-value assets
  • Use of many discovery tools, such as interrogatories, document requests, subpoenas and depositions, to obtain information regarding all financial issues impacting our client’s divorce or family law matter

Turn To Divorce Lawyers With Extensive Experience In High-Asset Cases

In our view, a high-net-worth divorce does not have to be a costly, drawn-out divorce. Working with our broad network of tried and vetted financial experts, we will obtain a fair and just outcome for you as efficiently as possible.

We have full-service office locations in Winthrop and in Boston’s North End and Waterfront, and a lawyer at our firm will provide an initial consultation. To discuss your financial concerns and other issues in your divorce, call 617-539-1010 or contact our law firm online anytime.

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