Divorce & Family Law Mediation

People at the beginning of the divorce process are rightfully concerned about the tolls the process will take both emotionally and financially. In a high percentage of cases, disputed issues can be resolved through mediation, rather than drawn-out negotiations or litigation.

If you are concerned about the time, cost and the impact of your divorce on family members — or you want to reach a quick, affordable and thorough agreement in your divorce or another family law matter in the Boston area — Amaral & Associates, P.C., is an excellent choice. You will also find helpful information in our attorneys’ articles on:

Divorce Does Not Have To Be A Time-Consuming, Financially Draining Battle

Our founding attorney Edward L. Amaral, Jr., is a certified divorce and family law mediator with added insight from more than 23 years as a litigator, advising and advocating for people with all types of family law concerns. Members of our legal team write and publish extensively on the nuances and benefits of divorce mediation and other forms of family law mediation, which include:

  • Significantly compressing the time and minimizing the costs required to complete a divorce or resolve another family dispute
  • Maintaining a large measure of control over decisions involving alimony, child support, parenting plans, child custody, removal of children from the state to another state, division of assets, division of liabilities, enforcement of prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, medical and life insurance, and complicated financial and tax matters
  • Protecting children from the psychological strain and damage that can be done when disputes between their parents intensify and require litigation

Are You Looking For A Fast, Inexpensive And Thorough Path To Resolution?

Our lawyers are genuinely focused on helping families achieve manageable outcomes without escalating disputes unnecessarily. Our Mediation FAQ addresses some of the most common concerns about this process. Many clients choose our FIT™ Divorce Mediation Program, a comprehensive, flat-fee package of services available for approximately $1,500 per spouse. We can help you decide if this program is likely to work for you, while providing the clear, reliable information you need to evaluate other viable, cost-efficient options as well.

During the mediation process, a problem with custody and visitation, a financial issue or another Massachusetts family law challenge, you can count on us to guide and empower you every step of the way. Our work together can begin with a consultation, at no charge, in our Winthrop or Boston office. Please call 617-539-1010 or send us an email inquiry anytime.