Protecting Assets

One critical outcome of divorce in the Boston area is that both parties’ financial circumstances are likely to change dramatically. The impact of child support and any alimony obligations, together with the costs of maintaining separate households, should be projected and carefully considered in every case. Your future stability and lifestyle may well depend on your attorney’s diligence in helping you protect assets that are rightfully yours.

Do You Need To Protect Assets In A Divorce? Estate Planning Concerns Or Questions?

At Amaral & Associates, P.C., our attorneys have decades of experience asserting and defending clients’ financial interests under a broad range of circumstances. While we are known for helping people navigate the divorce process and resolve other family law problems while minimizing legal costs, we exercise equal rigor to ensure our clients retain all they are entitled to under the law.

Asset protection may become a vital concern for you when preparing to get married or remarried, planning for divorce or evaluating what will happen should you die or become incapacitated. Our lawyers’ knowledge and skills extend to:

  • Conducting asset searches and other investigative steps as necessary to ensure your spouse provides the full financial disclosure required in every Massachusetts divorce
  • Performing thorough analysis of all issues associated with property and debt division in your divorce case, in order to define realistic asset protection goals and decide on the best path to resolution
  • Drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for clients who will bring significant assets into a marriage or have other valid reasons to proactively address how financial issues will be handled in the event of divorce
  • Providing comprehensive estate planning services — including establishment of trusts and advance or crisis-driven Medicaid planning — for people focused on protecting loved ones, managing tax consequences and achieving other objectives

“Early planning” together with conducting an asset search on your spouse and their assets six (6) months or so before your divorce action is filed or you separate can significantly enhance the outcome of your case and preserve the assets to which you are entitled; assets that you will need to support yourself long into the future. We can show you what critical steps are necessary to maximize the outcome of your divorce in a clear and concise manner. Contact us today to find out more information on what you can do to protect yourself prior to the commencement of your divorce, before it is too late.

You can find more information and tips on asset protection, equitable division of assets and liabilities, and other financial concerns in a range of articles by our attorneys.

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The financial strain of a divorce or another family law dispute can be overwhelming. You may have decided it is time to create or amend your will and explore asset protection strategies appropriate for you. To schedule a consultation with an attorney who will work with you personally and directly on these pivotal matters, contact us online now or call 617-539-1010.

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