The Family Law and Estate Planning Center

Many times, family issues can cross over into different disciplines, including law, finances, estate planning and support issues such as child support, alimony, and visitation. Some of these challenges include children and parents dealing with the psychological effects of divorce or adjusting to new family members in a new home after a remarriage. 

We understand that families need a place they can go for assistance and experienced counsel to help them with a plan to move forward with their lives. This is why we created The Family Law and Estate Planning Center. Imagine a place where you can go to manage all your family needs in one location. One of the benefits of working with the Family Law and Estate Planning Center is that we have the ability to oversee all of your complex family law and estate planning needs. 

Do you need a divorce or are you looking for divorce mediation or are you looking for a financial expert to help you with getting your finances together after a divorce? We can also address your Estate Planning needs such as setting up a Will, Living Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Health Care or Medical Directives and Beneficiary Designations. We can also assist with the planning needed around an older parent. Is their Will in order? Do they have a Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy? Has there been any Medicare planning? 

“At the Family Law and Estate Planning Center, we provide a customized approach that takes into consideration the complex and intricate needs of each family or couple” Attorney Edward L. Amaral Jr.

The Family Law and Estate Planning Center can also provide referrals to our network of experts including family therapists, financial planners, and tax experts. These experts can also be of assistance to you and your family during any Family Law, Divorce and Estate Planning matter.

To learn more about the Family Law and Estate Planning Center call us at 617-539-1010, ext. 111 or email to set-up a consultation at

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