How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Massachusetts?

How much does a divorce cost in Massachusetts?

Many clients who are considering getting a divorce have this question on their mind when they first reach out to our family law firm, “How much does it cost to get divorced?”

The cost for a divorce will vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the marriage, the break up and how the parties wish to end the marriage. For example is the divorce highly contested, or is it a high net worth divorce, are there children involved or are the parties ready to come to the table and agree to disagree and move forward with a separation agreement.

An uncontested divorce can last a month or less or an uncontested divorce as long as fourteen months.  (Nowadays during the pandemic it could last much longer because of the random nature of court dates.) It truly depends on the parties and what the issues are about. There is a range in divorce costs. The initial range is between $3,500 and $20,000. It all depends on whether you have children or don’t have children, what you are arguing about and what issues you night have in your divorce.

There are two divorce options, one is to mediate your divorce which is much less expensive and would cost $3,000 or less. A contested divorce can go up to $20,000, $30,000, or $40,000 depending on the assets in the marriage and what is at stake or if custody is involved? Or if there are special circumstances for instance if someone is moving out of state?

The tracking order on most divorces is fourteen months. Attorney Ed Amaral of Amaral & Associates, P.C. always recommends that the other party hire an experienced family law practitioner. That way if both parties have experienced family law practitioners, both lawyers will have a high degree of certainty of what the judge might say in their particular case. This allows the parties to get down to what is in the best interest of children and the parties themselves.

If cost is a potential issue and you don’t want a protracted divorce then you might want to consider mediation. If you or someone you know is thinking about a prenuptial agreement and resides in Massachusetts, then please call Amaral & Associates, P.C. at (617) 539-1010 or visit us at for information about what your next steps on your divorce should be and whether or not mediation is the best option for you.

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