Divorce is Easier With A Prenup

Are you considering a divorce? It might be easier if you have a prenup. Celebrity outlets recently broke the news that Ariana Grande will pay her ex-husband Dalton Gomez over $1.25 million as part of their divorce settlement. Their marriage began in 2021 and lasted just over two years before they filed for divorce in September 2023.

What sets this divorce apart from many celebrity splits is not just the speed with which it was resolved but also the absence of a contentious battle over assets. Thanks to a prenuptial agreement, the process was streamlined, and the assets were divided without fuss.

The marital settlement agreement was signed in October 2023 and mandated a one-time payment of $1.25 million to Gomez. The settlement also ordered Grande to pay up to $25,000 of Gomez’s legal expenses. Dalton Gomez will also receive his fair share of the proceeds from the sale of their Los Angeles home.

Grande’s net worth was reported to be $72 million in 2020 and some reports say the singer is currently worth $240 million. With Grande’s high net worth and real estate portfolio consisting of several homes, Grande and Dalton’s divorce could have been complicated and contentious. Instead their split resulted in a settlement that fairly divided assets based on their time together. Dalton received a substantial sum, but not an astronomical sum that would have significantly reduced Grande’s net worth. Some marriages are long-lasting and others are not. Research shows that Millennials and Gen Zs are increasingly comfortable with the idea that love doesn’t last forever, as 50% of adults are now open to signing a prenup. https://www.axios.com/2023/09/24/prenup-rates-us-marriage

It’s important to hire an experienced Massachusetts family law attorney who can guide you through the steps of making a well drafted prenup or a postnup that considers future potential events. Drafting a prenup that takes care of both parties can actually provide a sense of security for both parties. For example if you enter into a marriage with income disparity and inherited wealth, a prenup may ensure that you get a share of that wealth by providing for your needs in the future, even if some of that wealth isn’t marital property. On the other hand, if you do have inherited wealth such as a home that has been in the family for generations, a prenup can protect that property. Prenups are sometimes used to bring peace of mind if one spouse has a long term illness.

As the dust settles on Grande’s divorce, one thing is clear: love may not always last, a well-crafted prenuptial agreement can provide a sturdy framework for navigating the complexities of divorce. If you and your spouse-to-be are considering drafting a prenup, please contact a member of the Family Law and Estate Planning Center at Amaral & Associates, P.C., at 617-539-1010 x111 where a member of our experienced team will take care of you.

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