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In what is often one of the most stressful times in a person's life, having an experienced divorce attorney at your side to provide you with sound, practical advice is essential.

At Amaral & Associates, P.C. our seasoned divorce attorneys will guide you through the entire divorce process, either contested divorce or uncontested divorce, from pre-divorce planning matters to the preparation of your financial statement to the actual filing your divorce complaint or petition. We will then assist you with the discovery process surrounding your spouse’s assets and the determination of child support or alimony all the way to the settlement of your divorce and the preparation of your divorce agreement. By conducting discovery through the use of subpoenas, legal questions, depositions and forensic experts, if need be, our divorce professionals will help you to determine the proper division of your assets, the true income of your spouse and the extent of their assets. Whether it be retirement or investment accounts, stock options, real estate holdings, privately held businesses, or the personal belongings of you and your spouse, we will make sure that you receive what you are entitled to keep.

We have tried or settled hundreds of family law cases and have represented people from all stages of life. Our goal is to help you move forward with the next phase of your life, no matter what your financial situation. We will offer advice on how to best address your immediate needs, as well as the needs of your children, to get you divorced quickly, yet in a thorough manner.
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child support, alimony, divorceFamily Law We realize the emotional impact that divorce or other family law matters such as Custody and Visitation, Paternity, Child Support, Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial agreements, Post-divorce modifications, and Restraining Orders have on our clients so we strive to minimize the hardship and confusion.

uncontested divorce, custody mediation Divorce Mediation Our experienced certified mediators and attorneys are able to mediate your family law matters concerning divorce, Custody and Visitation, Paternity, Child Support, Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial agreements, and Post-divorce modifications.

car accident, automobile accident Personal Injury We care about your wellbeing when you or a family member have been involved in an auto accident, Motorcycle accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice matter, or wrongful death.

Wills, Trusts & Probate Our attorneys will create a clear and comprehensive estate plan for you future including your will, health care proxy, power of attorney, and trust based on your wishes



"Thank you so much for the wonderful guidance you provided my husband and I through our legal quagmire. You have restored my faith in attorneys."

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