Meet Our Parent Coordinator

What Is a Parenting Coordinator?

A Parent Coordinator is similar to a mediator where a trained attorney or mental health professional who has a background in child custody and parenting time disputes assist parents to resolve and reach agreement concerning disagreements about co-parenting, custody, and the parenting schedule.

Parent Coordinators are commonly used in child custody and parenting matters in Massachusetts to facilitate resolving disputes between parents on issues relating children of divorce and children born out of wedlock. The Parent Coordinator typically acts as a referee to rule on any disputes, or works more like a mediator to help the parents negotiate and resolve any dispute. Using Parent Coordinators can be an effective tool in assisting parents in avoiding lengthy litigation in the Probate and Family Court to resolve custody and parenting disputes.

Who Is The Parenting Coordinator?

The Parenting Coordinator at Amaral & Associates, P.C. is Attorney Talia Simonds. Talia concentrates her legal practice areas of Family Law, including divorce, child custody and support, alimony, modification and contempt actions, paternity, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Talia was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 2008, but has experience working in the legal profession since the mid-1990’s, much of which has been in the area of Family Law. Talia’s philosophy in representing clients is to provide aggressive representation for her clients in a caring and compassionate manner, knowing that issues pertaining to Family Law are often emotional and stressful for her clients.

In addition to Talia’s experience as a litigator, Talia also served as a Judicial Intern to the Honorable Peter P. Charnetsky of the Broome County Family Court and the Integrated Domestic Violence Session of the New York State Supreme Court. Through Talia’s judicial internship, she was able to obtain the rare insight into a family court’s judge’s thought process in the handling of family court cases and assist Judge Charnetsky in drafting his orders and decisions.

In 2015 Talia was certified as an ARC Attorney (Attorneys Representing Children) in Suffolk County, as part of the inaugural class, in high conflict custody cases.

Personally, Talia grew up with parents in a very high conflict custody case that continued for almost 15 years. So Talia understands and appreciates the impact a high conflict custody matter can have on a child.

As a Parenting Coordinator, Talia draws upon all of this experience to assist parents through any co-parenting disputes.

What Are The Benefits Of Parent Coordination?

  • More control over co-parenting and custody decisions.
  • Builds a basis for future cooperation and dispute resolution.
  • Reduced legal fees.
  • Parents work to resolve any disputes rather than a judge resolving the dispute for them.
  • Less time consuming than litigation

Commitment To Success

  • Each parent must be committed to working toward an out-of-court resolution.
  • Cooperation and focus are the keys to a successful resolution.
  • Be respectful, listen to one another, don’t interrupt.

If you are looking for a Parenting Coordinator in the Boston-area child we encourage you to contact our firm for an initial consultation.

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