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Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with your divorce trying to manage all of the details when it comes to child support and alimony? Well there may be an app for that as the saying goes. And there is. As divorce and family law attorneys we see a lot of tools and aids that people use to help them deal with divorce. One of those tools we have seen recently is called SupportPay.

SupportPay is an app that takes care of all co-parenting needs from child support payments to alimony. This replaces the need to go through bank statements and receipts. Gone is the tedious process of creating spreadsheets and manually tracking transactions, not to mention the back and forth phone calls with your former spouse over expenses. SupportPay is available online, as well as for ios and Androids.

With an increase in divorces due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SupportPay has seen an 82% increase in new users in the past month and 51% in the past year.

“The courts have been backlogged for months, which means the number of divorces in the last year is likely to surge once the paperwork catches up,” explained Sheri Atwood, CEO and founder of SupportPay.

Atwood created the company after going through a divorce. The split was amicable but she found the process of dealing with expenses with her ex to be an unnecessarily stressful one. There’s nothing fun about feeling like a bill collector for your former spouse.

It might be easier if child support was just one payment per a month, but household expenses, healthcare, education or other special expenses are often split between parents. The added stress of having to keep spreadsheets, track expenses and remind them to send payments is exhausting on top of being a single parent.

SupportPay does have a free version available – it’s limitations include 2 uploads of expenses and 2 uploads of receipts per a month and 6 months of history and the option to dispute transactions. There is a monthly plan that costs $7.99 and a yearly plan that is $79.99. These feature the option to make and receive payments with eCheck or PayPal.

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Image by Creative Commons member “Pay mobile by Creaticca Creative Agency from the Noun Project”

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