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Creating New Holiday Traditions for Children After a Divorce

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Divorce is difficult for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for children. Once parents decide to divorce, the children then have to face the reality of their parents no longer living under the same roof. This is a difficult transition for almost all children, but it can be especially difficult at the holidays. Parents should stress to their children that it is okay to enjoy the holidays during this difficult time—at both parent’s homes.


But to help children transition to this new structure of the family, parents should consider developing new traditions that the family as a whole did not do before. This can be something very small, such as selecting a Christmas tree from a specific place, or baking holiday cookies with your children, or something bigger, such as a nice vacation.


On the same hand, though, parents should also try to maintain some consistency. If there … Read More »

The Benefits of Using a Divorce Coach

Divorce Massachusetts, Divorce Mass., Divorce Suffolk County, Divorce Middlesex County, Divorce Essex County, Divorce Norfolk County, Divorce Boston, Divorce Winthrop, Divorce East Boston, Divorce Revere, Divorce Danvers, Divorce Lynnfield, Divorce Marblehead, Divorce Swampscott, Divorce Nahant, Divorce Peabody, Divorce Salem, Divorce Saugus, Divorce Arlington, Divorce Belmont, Divorce Burlington, Divorce Cambridge, Divorce Everett, Divorce Malden, Divorce Medford, Divorce Melrose, Divorce North Reading, Divorce Reading, Divorce Somerville, Divorce Stoneham, Divorce Wakefield, Divorce Watertown, Divorce Wilmington, Divorce Winchester, Divorce Woburn, Divorce Brookline, Divorce Braintree, Divorce Milton, Divorce Quincy, Divorce ChelseaThe divorce process can be a time of intense emotions ranging from feelings of loss, betrayal, shock, impatience and many others. It is important for individuals to have someone to rely on, who can help them manage all of their fears and critical decisions that need to be made. A certified divorce coach can be a valuable asset who can help clients modulate their feelings to see past the emotions, in working on divorce issues with their attorney. By being a thinking partner, a divorce coach can help clients be better organized for the process and work … Read More »

10 Things No One Tells You About Divorce

finish lineNot all divorce advice is created equal. For every good tip you receive from someone (don’t use your attorney as your therapist, keep those rants about your ex off Facebook), there are just as many unhelpful comments: “Don’t get mad, get everything!” Just no.

The best source for advice you can actually use are divorcés themselves. Below, 10 HuffPost bloggers and readers share the one tip they wish someone had given them during the divorce process.

1. Moving on is a marathon, not a sprint.

“The difference is, a marathoner trains for hours before the big race. Divorce strikes most of us unexpectedly with no training on how to get through it. Take things day by day and one step at a time until you find solid footing and each step doesn’t feel like you’re walking on quicksand. And realize that emotions shouldn’t be suppressed. As a man, I was raised in an environment where emotions weren’t to be spoken of — divorce taught me the opposite.” –Vidal Cisneros Jr.

2. Divorce feels a bit like death (without all the casseroles delivered to your door.)

“Losing your ex — and your … Read More »

Divorce Confidential: Using Mental Health Professionals In Divorce

Divorce Stress

When you and your ex-spouse choose collaborative divorce, you make a commitment to keep matters out of court and focus on problem-solving in a confidential, private setting. Collaborative divorce is beneficial in that you and your ex-spouse have access to an entire team of experts, including mental health professionals to help you through the difficult and overwhelming experience of a divorce.

What happens then, if you and your ex-spouse do not agree to a collaborative divorce? Can you retain your own team of experts, specifically mental health professionals? And is it worthwhile?

1. Types of Mental Health Professionals: Before we dive into the benefits of enlisting the assistance of mental health professionals in divorce, let’s look at the types of mental health experts available to you in divorce. One mental health expert may be a therapist/counselor. A therapist/counselor can assist you in managing the stresses of divorce, including your expectations of the outcome. A therapist/counselor can also help you develop new relationship skills that are valuable both during and after divorce. If you have children with your ex-spouse, this is especially true … Read More »

Essential Things You Must Do When Contemplating a Divorce

listDivorce can release two people from a miserable marriage and set them free to pursue happier but separate lives. However, going through a divorce is never easy. When divorce becomes inevitable, there are certain things that you should do to make it easier.

1. Be Proactive on Family Finance

If you have not been very involved in managing the family finances, start now. Be proactive, ask questions, copy important documents. Hands-off from the money affairs is the last thing you want to do if you are contemplating a divorce. To be specific, you should start to gather information as early as possible, including the creation of a list of family assets (real estate, valuable collections, jewelry, vehicles, etc..), and start itemizing debts, sources of income, expenses, insurance policies, and retirement plans. The more you know about family finances, the more comfortable and confident you will be when you negotiate with your spouse in mediation, or present your claims in litigation for a contested divorce.

At the same time you should also start to collect financial information for both you and your spouse for the last three years, including, but not limited to … Read More »

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