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Having Your Voice Heard in a Divorce

Having Your Voice Heard in a DivorceDivorces can be a lengthy, complicated and emotionally charged process. With all of the procedural nuances of a divorce proceeding and procedural rules of the court, even after several court appearances, it is entirely possible that a spouse will not have had the opportunity to testify and tell his or her side of the story. Oftentimes, the first few court appearances just involve the parties’ attorneys arguing on their respective behalves and a judge making a ruling. It is not until much further into the process that a spouse has an opportunity to speak on own their behalf and tell their side of the story.

Having your voice heard in a divorce can be very therapeutic and cathartic. But all too often that can get swallowed up in the legal technicalities of a divorce. There is, however, an alternative to a long drawn-out divorce, where spouses can tell their side of the story and have their voices heard. This is through divorce mediation.

In divorce mediation, a neutral mediator, … Read More »

How Much Alimony Will I Get?

In any divorce, a common question divorce attorneys get is “Will I get alimony, and if so, how much?” In Massachusetts this is determined under the Alimony Reform Act of 2011, which is codified at Massachusetts General Laws c. 208 §§48-54. Under the Alimony Reform Act, there are 4 different categories/types of alimony: 1) General Term Alimony; 2) Rehabilitative Alimony; 3) Reimbursement Alimony; and 4) Transitional Alimony.


Under Massachusetts law, the Probate and Family Court must consider several factors to determine: a) whether either spouse is entitled to alimony; b) what type of alimony a spouse is entitled to; and c) how much alimony is a spouse entitled to. These factors are:


the length of the marriage; age of the parties; health of the parties; income, employment and employability of both parties, including employability through reasonable diligence and additional training, if necessary; economic and non-economic contribution of both parties to the marriage; marital lifestyle; ability of each party to maintain the marital lifestyle; lost economic opportunity as a result of the marriage; and such other factors as the court considers relevant and material.


Although many of these factors are … Read More »

The Real, Honest-To-Goodness Truth About Co-Parenting

parentingI’ve recently stumbled upon a number of extremely positive articles related to the subject of co-parenting with the ex and their new (or not so new) spouse. Articles in which the author welcomes the new “other” woman into the family, thanks them for the role they play in their child’s life or sings the praises of an ex’s role in raising their children.

Now, don’t get me wrong — these positive outlooks are inspiring and make me want to congratulate these writers for their unselfish and seemingly flawless co-parenting relationships. Yet, I also can’t help but wonder how words can sometimes make a situation seem so easy, when it’s really not.

I’ve been divorced for over four years. My son was only 18 months old when my ex and I separated and does not remember a time in which his father and I were together. My ex and I are both remarried and have other children with our spouses. To say the least, we have moved on.

I recognize the important role that my … Read More »

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