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I Turned Down Alimony – 3 Women’s Stories

woman thinkingIn reporting this story I came across a number of people who chose not to take spousal they were entitled to. Here are their stories:

“Asking for alimony would be like asking for a pension for a job I no longer did. It just didn’t seem fair.”

Suzan French married at 18, soon after had a daughter and found herself unhappily married. “My husband was a nice guy but worked 12 to 16 hours per day (as a manager at a manufacturing company) – I rarely saw him,” says French. When French was 24, she filed for divorce, but not spousal support. Her attorney told her she “definitely would have gotten alimony” – about $2,000 per month, she estimates. French had no college education, zero professional work experience, and only a brief resume from when she was a teenager.

“My marriage allowed me to stay home full-time with my daughter,” says French. “That was a luxury – not a job. I was compensated. I had a nice home, drove a nice car, had access to a bank account. Asking for alimony would be like asking for a pension for a job … Read More »

5 Reasons Why Alimony Should Be Reduced or Terminated if You’re Living With Someone

alimony1. If you are living with someone else, your financial need has likely been reduced or eliminated, thereby reducing or eliminating your need for spousal support.

2. If you are living with someone else, accepting (or taking) spousal support is, in essence, double-dipping.

3. If you are living with someone else, while receiving spousal support, your former spouse is also supporting that other person.

4. If you are living with someone else, you are likely in a social and financial interdependent relationship akin to a marriage.

5. In many instances, if you are living with someone else, you may be violating a Marital Settlement Agreement or may be in breach of a final judgment.

Alimony reform is on the rise, and there’s simply no avoiding it. Nor should there be. In a modern society, where the rules and roles have changed dramatically since the days when women didn’t work outside of the home and didn’t have the right to vote, and there’s been a significant shift towards rebalancing economic equality, traditional notions of what spousal support is, when it is required and when it should be modified, must be redressed. One ripe … Read More »

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