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I Turned Down Alimony – 3 Women’s Stories

woman thinkingIn reporting this story I came across a number of people who chose not to take spousal they were entitled to. Here are their stories:

“Asking for alimony would be like asking for a pension for a job I no longer did. It just didn’t seem fair.”

Suzan French married at 18, soon after had a daughter and found herself unhappily married. “My husband was a nice guy but worked 12 to 16 hours per day (as a manager at a manufacturing company) – I rarely saw him,” says French. When French was 24, she filed for divorce, but not spousal support. Her attorney told her she “definitely would have gotten alimony” – about $2,000 per month, she estimates. French had no college education, zero professional work experience, and only a brief resume from when she was a teenager.

“My marriage allowed me to stay home full-time with my daughter,” says French. “That was a luxury – not a job. I was compensated. I had a nice home, drove a nice car, had access to a bank account. Asking for alimony would be like asking for a pension for a job … Read More »

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