Restraining Order


Have you been served with a 209A restraining order? Or do you need to protect yourself with a
209A restraining order?

Domestic violence occurs when physical harm is done from one individual to another. When an
individual makes an attempt at physical harm, or someone who creates fear of imminent
physical harm by threatening another person. This also involves an individual who engages in
rape or unwanted sexual contact with family or household members. This violence can lead to
receiving one of these orders.

In Massachusetts, the abuse prevention law that we have allows individuals to seek a court
order, which is sometimes called either a 209A restraining order, an abuse prevention order, a
restraining order, or a protective order. In court, the plaintiff is the person who asks the court to
issue the order.

At Amaral and Associates, P.C. we are equipped to help an both parties (defendants &
plaintiffs) in a domestic violence dispute and have been doing so for the past 30 years.

For domestic violence victims we can help you obtain a 209A order, also called an abuse
prevention order, restraining order, or protective order from the MA court. We will support and
guide through the process from start to finish to secure your safety.

For those seeking to obtain a restraining order, we can help build your case and assist you with
the affidavit that you must file.

Thomas Glynn, a Criminal Defense Attorney; Family Law Attorney, is a former Massachusetts
State police captain, he has extensive knowledge in family and criminal law, and is licensed in
Massachusetts in both the state and federal courts and the United States Supreme court

Learn more about the Family Law & Criminal Defense Attorney at Amaral Associates P.C. or contact us at 1 (617)539-1010
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