Parenting After Divorce

I’ve blogged a few times on collaborative divorce and the effect of the economy on divorce (see my posts on Amaral & Associates, P.C. in The Boston Herald and Recession Keeps Divorce On Ice), but I recently came across a few different family law related blogs that covered some interesting divorce stories.

The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide, The Georgia Father’s Rights and Children & Divorce all feature a different perspective on life after divorce, and offer some worthwhile advice when it comes to the divorce process.

One of The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide’s recent posts had some encouraging tips for women coping with divorce. Check out “A Silver Lining for Divorce” for their top 5 tips that you can do during your divorce!

And for the father’s version of divorce tips, check out The Georgia Father’s Rights Blog post on “The Top 10 Things Divorce Dads Need to Realize”. The Georgia Father’s Rights Blog also has another blog, Children & Divorce that features several newspaper articles about single parent homes and child custody. Be sure to read their post on “Single Parents Create Happy New Homes” for tips on making your house a home for children after divorce!

What are some of your favorite family law blogs?

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