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Tip of the Week: Marketing Using Twitter

This week’s tip from the Masachusetts Bar Association’s Lawyer’s e-Journal features some of the benefits of using Twitter:

Twitter was the “it” kid on the block when it got started and up until this year. Then statistics came out that pointed to the fact that most Twitter accounts registered were NOT being used on a regular basis and a majority of the “tweets” come from a minority of tweeters (Twitter lingo). Add to that, many legal business and marketing gurus didn’t know exactly how Twitter could help market a law firm and if they did make a claim that it was beneficial, they didn’t have hard numbers to prove it.

Then last month, Google and Bing revitalized Twitter as a marketing tool. In their usual epic battle of Microsoft vs. Google, Microsoft’s new Bing search engine struck a deal with Twitter to start indexing their site. In the same day, Google made the same announcement that it will now start to index Twitter.

What does that all mean for legal marketing?

It means that individual tweets can now show up as searches in Google or Bing. So if you tweet something about your particular substantive area of law, there is a possibility that it will get picked up by Google and Bing and if relevant enough to a user’s search terms, it will show in the search results.

If you haven’t started using twitter yet, now is as good a time as any to start and I predict that many more firms will start to see direct results from their twittering over time. Tweet about your practice or the law. Tweet your blog posts. Retweet other interesting posts. Just start tweeting.

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