International Divorce Rates are Soaring in both Saudi Arabia and China

If you are thinking about getting a divorce you are not alone. Many Massachusetts couples are considering  getting a divorce after the pandemic. And not only are divorce rates expected to rise throughout the United States, but international divorce rates are trending up because of the pandemic all throughout the world. 

In the month of February, Saudi Arabia had a 30% increase in divorces, after many wives realized their husbands had other wives and families. Most women who requested divorces from their polygamous husbands were employees, businesswomen, prominent women in the community and female doctors.  

Half of the divorce requests came from the cities of Makkah and the capital Riyadh. Polygamy, the practice of taking more than one wife is legal in the Gulf Arab states, it is illegal in other countries such as Turkey and Tunisia, and the practice has long been a subject of debate and an important women’s rights issue.

Meanwhile in China, authorities in a bid to stave off divorces, have mandated a thirty day cooling off period for separated couples prior to divorcing. Couples are outraged by this law and feel it is just another way that the government interferes with their lives. The country’s first ever civil code is a sweeping bit of legislation passed in parliament. It will replace existing laws on marriage, adoption, and property rights, among others.

Last year in China, 4.15 million couples divorced and that is up from 1.5 million in 2003, after then couples could divorce by mutual consent and avoid going to court. Prior to that a spouse could only obtain divorce by suing the other in court. The increased divorce rate since 2003, is attributed to marriage laws being liberalized and more women becoming financially independent. The new civil law will go into effect January 1, 2021

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