Important Notice from Attorney Ed Amaral

Let me start by wishing all of you good health and patience with one another.

1. We Are Open for Business. Thankfully we have invested in the technology some time ago that allows us to remain open for business and work from home. This is consistent with government recommended practices on the Corona Virus. This includes real time meetings via video conferencing as well as phone conferencing with multiple parties through our IP phone system from home or through Uber Conferencing.

2. Someone from our office has been assigned to retrieve snail mail from the court and our clients.

3. For our Estate Planning clients, although electronic and remote notarization is not allowed in Massachusetts yet, we expect it to be shortly based on everything that is happening and based on a pending House Bill entitled “ Securing and Enabling Commerce Using Remote and Electronic Notarization Act of 2020.

4. For our Family Law clients, the Probate and Family Court Standing Order regarding “court operations under exigent circumstances created by Covid-19” is being updated on a daily basis (sometimes one or two times a day) which we are monitoring.  The Court is doing an extraordinary job in getting things back on track and are implementing the use of telephone or videoconference rather than have people appear in person. The court is also moving hearings on motions, case management conferences, status conferences, and trials so that your court cases can proceed forward in a timely fashion. In addition, there are mechanisms in place for obtaining a restraining order if needed.

5. If you are seeking to modify an order to increase or reduce a child support or alimony payment due to loss of income or otherwise, please call us for assistance at (617)539-1010 as those matters are also being addressed by the court.

6. New divorce filings can still be filed by mail or e-filing (which our office is equipped to do).

7. Motions for temporary orders relative to custody or support are still being heard based on an emergency basis where exigent circumstances have been demonstrated, which we can discuss with you.

Thank you everyone for your continued trust and patience and we will be here to deliver timely and affordable legal services without sacrificing quality.

Edward L. Amaral, Jr
Amaral & Associates, P.C.
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