Family Law Mediation Program is Covid Safe!

Now with COVID 19, the already backlogged court system is growing even further behind. We have modified our mediation program to do it all by teleconference, email and mail. In addition we are accepting modifications for cases already in litigation. Whether you are contemplating divorce or need to alter an existing agreement or order, we can help!

Family Law Mediation is a highly effective way to resolve disputes. Amaral & Associates, P.C. was founded by an experienced family law attorney and mediator who was tired of seeing families torn apart, both emotionally and financially, by the contested and insanely expensive processes. His goal is to make getting a divorce or modification more dignified, yet do so in a quick, simple, and inexpensive manner. He wants to focus on preventing a permanent wedge from developing between spouses and ex-spouses to the detriment of their children, which frequently occurs in a contested divorce case. Amaral’s fresh approach to divorce mediation and his innovative style, led to the creation of his FIT Mediation flat fee program.

FIT stands for Fast, Inexpensive and Thorough and Amaral has empowered hundreds of couples to settle their divorces and other types of family law matters through this program and previous programs created by him.

Not only is the process fast and effective we can do it all via teleconference, email and mail.


Receive a Consultation
Call our office at (617) 539-1010 for a confidential consultation with Attorney Amaral. Attorney Amaral will explain the divorce or family law mediation process and answer any questions that you have. Only with your permission will we contact your spouse to perform a separate consultation. If you both agree to mediate with Attorney Amaral the cost is $1,500 per spouse, which includes three (3) hours of teleconference mediation time with the parties, plus the time it takes to prepare a comprehensive settlement agreement and filing together with your financial statements. Attorney Amaral’s overall goal is to see that the parties not waste their time and money on attorneys, but instead, use their savings to benefit their own lives and that of their children.


Perform Your Mediation

Attorney Amaral will then lead a discussion of all issues associated with your divorce or other family law related matters and enable you and your spouse to settle your case.

Together we will work out a fair and thorough agreement during your face to face mediation sessions.

We will then prepare the divorce filing for you and your spouse to review and sign.


File Your Divorce or Other Family Law matter with the Court

Finally your divorce filing or other family law matter will be filed electronically with the court.

Please call the office at 617-539-1010 to discuss how the program can help you.

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