Domestic Violence

Do you need a Boston Lawyer for Domestic Violence? Massachusetts has some of the strictest laws in the country involving domestic violence. These laws are in place for the best interest of the victim(s). There are rigid terms of procedure and strict penalties. As per Massachusetts law, accusers may not be released on bail until six hours after arrest, whereas non-domestic crimes have no waiting period. Additionally, if the person charged with domestic violence is found to be preliminarily “dangerous” then they can be held for up to 4 months (120 days) in jail without bail. For non-domestic situations, the bail is for up to a 60-day detention period.

What is considered Domestic Violence? Domestic violence occurs when physical harm is done from one individual to another. When an individual makes an attempt at physical harm, or someone who creates fear of imminent physical harm. It can also occur when an individual rapes someone in the same family or household. Domestic violence is a serious accusation to be faced with that can follow you for years to come. If convicted, you can face jail time and have a lifetime record of domestic violence. Even before you are convicted you may face an order or protection or restraining order.

False accusations of domestic violence can be unfortunately common in divorce cases. The lawyers at Amaral and Associates, P.C. are well versed in court proceedings and understand DV claims may be used as weapons in a custody battle or divorce proceedings. We are here to help debunk claims and guide you in the process.

Domestic violence cases are stressful for all parties involved and may involve difficult trials and court hearings. Some victims may want to just move on with their lives and not go through the extra pain. Choosing the right lawyer with both knowledge and expertise will help the case go all the more smoothly.

At Amaral and Associates, P.C., we can help you build a case if you are involved in a domestic dispute case, whether you are facing accusations of domestic violence or are a survivor of domestic violence.

For Accusers, we can help build your case and help identify situations where it might be self-defense, untrue allegations, or other defenses. In the event that a victim recants, you can still be prosecuted by a district attorney, and it may be harder to negotiate your case.

Thomas Glynn, a Criminal Defense Attorney & Family Law Attorney, is a former Massachusetts State police captain, he has extensive knowledge in criminal and family law is licensed in Massachusetts in both the state and federal courts and the United States Supreme court. Our experienced lawyers can help assist you with the legal assistance you need to resolve your case.

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