Do You Have Questions About Family Law and Estate Planning?

At the Family Law and Estate Planning Center, we strive to help our clients to take the right path and help them with all of their family law and planning issues. We provide a full service approach. In many cases families feel overwhelmed and need guidance and questions answered.

You may be thinking about divorce and you might have some preliminary questions. You might need questions answered about a prenuptial agreement. The Family Law and Estate Planning Center is a place you can visit and get answers to your questions. We can give you an idea of what a divorce would cost, what to expect in the divorce process, where to file, and how long a divorce may take. You can also get information about the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce. 

You might not be ready for a divorce but want to set up a postnuptial agreement or need some estate planning matters addressed. If you decide you are going to pursue a divorce we recommend that you meet with our lawyers to go over the process. Our attorneys will make you feel comfortable and confident as they will guide you through a divorce can be a very stressful process. 

The Family Law and Estate Planning Center can also provide referrals to our network of experts like family therapists, tax planners and financial planners. The Family Law and Estate Planning Center provides you with a place to meet all of your Family Law needs. Please reach out and we can help you with answers and understanding your options. 

To learn more about the Family Law and Estate Planning Center call us at 617-539-1010, ext. 111 or email to set-up a consultation at

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