Are you thinking about getting a divorce? Or have you started the divorce process, but your divorce has been stalled due to the pandemic? Are you waiting for a court date that is far off or concerned about the impact of time will have for your divorce then you might consider mediation?

Mediation can often be an effective way to move your divorce forward and take the reasonable path to resolution. If you have not considered divorce mediation, then now might be the perfect time give it some thought.

Amaral and Associates P.C., offers FIT Divorce Mediation, a fast, inexpensive, and thorough divorce mediation program which costs $1,500 per spouse.  It begins with the two parties coming into the office (or meeting via zoom) and meeting Divorce Mediation Attorney, Ed Amaral for one hour. In that time all topics are covered. Alimony, Custody, Child Support, Parenting Plans, Division of Assets, Tax Issues, Medical insurance, Uninsured Medical Insurance and Life Insurance.

After meeting for an hour or so the parties go over all the applicable documents which include:

  • Preparation of the Divorce Agreement
  • Preparation of the Financial Statements
  • Writing up a Joint Petition for Divorce
  • And all the statistical forms to file your divorce.

The face-to-face meeting time takes three hours or less. The remainder of the time is spent preparing your divorce documents. Then a court date is set for 6-8 weeks out (or longer) and the two parties appear before the Judge, in person or by Zoom, and are asked a limited number of questions which Divorce Mediation Lawyer Edward L. Amaral, Jr. will prepare you for. After the hearing, there is a “Nisi” period of 120 days from the date of your hearing until your divorce becomes final.

If you or someone you know are thinking about getting a divorce and reside in Massachusetts, please call Amaral & Associates, P.C. at (617) 539-1010 or visit us at www.Amarallaw.com for information about what your next steps should be and whether or not mediation or a traditional divorce is the best option for you.

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