Child Custody, Visitation & Child Support

Are you considering getting a divorce? Have you held back from moving forward because you have concerns about child custody visitation and child support? The attorneys at Amaral & Associates P.C. have years of experience resolving child custody, visitation and child support issues. Attorney Edward Amaral provides knowledgeable Information and skilled advocacy for parents and their children. Here are ways they can help your case.

  • Resolution of disputes involving care and rearing of children through negotiation or mediation whenever possible, shielding children from intense, sometimes emotionally harmful conflict and avoiding other high costs of family litigation
  • Active education on the meaning of terms such as legal custody and physical custody, along with exploration of all viable options for custody and visitation orders
  • Research and advocacy to ensure child support orders are fair to our clients and based on accurate financial information
  • Thorough case-building and preparation to advocate for our clients and their children when disputes cannot be resolved out of court

Schedule Your Consultation With An Experienced Child Custody, Visitation & Child Support Attorney Now

If you must prepare for divorce or have questions about changing child custody, visitation agreement then please call 617-539-1010 or contact us via email now. We maintain full-service law offices in Winthrop and in Boston’s North End and Waterfront, and we will provide an initial consultation.

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