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在Amaral & Associates, P.C. 的律师给您提供的法律建议与服务的基础上,本介绍为您解答有关诉讼离婚程序的常见问题。本介绍不能替代律师代理。

• 1. 启动离婚程序

在马萨诸塞州存在两种离婚途径:1)无争议离婚;和 2)争议离婚。

如果双方均同意离婚,并对就离婚条款(与离婚相关的各项事宜,比如财产划分,子女抚养与探视等)达成协议,你们可以按照马萨诸塞州一般法第208章第一款(A)项,提交共同离婚申请,以及一份离婚协议(Separation Agreement),该份协议约定离婚条款,此外还需要夫妻双方各自提供一份财务证明(Financial Statement)和一份 “婚姻已无法经调解再继续”的声明书(Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown),该份文件声明婚姻已破裂,再无继续可能。

如果只有一方意图离婚,或者夫妻双方无法就离婚条款达成协议,任一配偶可以单方向法院提交离婚诉求(Complaint for Divorce)启动争议离婚程序。申请争议离婚的法律事由有很多,但最常见的是无过错事由(non-fault grounds)。以无过错事由申请离婚,当事人不需要证明对方的任何过错。以过错事由(fault-based grounds)申请离婚的话,声称对方有过错的一方必须实际证明对方的过错。过错离婚事由包括:(1)通奸;(2)残酷及虐待;(3)重大及经证实的酗酒习惯;(4)恶劣、无理并残酷地拒绝或忽视提供适当的赡养;(5)性无能;(6)刑事判刑或入狱服刑;(7)彻底遗弃。我们的律师根据每对夫妻的具体情况,建议应该以什么事由申请离婚。以何种事由申请离婚可能影响到最终解除婚姻关系的所需的时间。律师的专业法律建议可以帮助您尽快解除婚姻,为婚姻解除后的各项事宜做出安排,并与对方达成协议。

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Law Practice Management Tip of the Week

(via) Lawyer’s e-Journal Tip of the Week: Marketing Using Twitter

This week’s tip from the Masachusetts Bar Association’s Lawyer’s e-Journal features some of the benefits of using Twitter:

Twitter was the “it” kid on the block when it got started and up until this year. Then statistics came out that pointed to the fact that most Twitter accounts registered were NOT being used on a regular basis and a majority of the “tweets” come from a minority of tweeters (Twitter lingo). Add to that, many legal business and marketing gurus didn’t know exactly how Twitter could help market a law firm and if they did make a claim that it was beneficial, they didn’t have hard numbers to prove it.

Then last month, Google and Bing revitalized Twitter as a marketing tool. In their usual epic battle of Microsoft vs. Google, Microsoft’s new Bing search engine struck a deal with Twitter to start indexing their site. In the same day, Google made the same announcement that it will now start to index Twitter.

What does that all mean for legal marketing?

It means that individual tweets can now show up as searches in Google or Bing. So … Read More »

Law Practice Management Tip of the Week

(via) Lawyer’s e-Journal Tip of the Week: Remotely Access the Superior Court’s electronic docket

I thought I’d pass along this week’s tip from the Masachusetts Bar Association’s Lawyer’s e-Journal about accessing the Superior Court’s docket online:

Get the most up-to-the-minute information about your state litigation cases by using the Superior Court’s electronic docket. All lawyers in the commonwealth can sign up for free access to the Superior Court Docket. This Web site is invaluable for checking the docket for your cases, including filing deadlines, hearing dates, a list of docketed pleadings, and for doing research on parties, including other cases in which they may be involved. In some cases, you can also read the court order on motions.


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