Can I Get Legally Separated in Massachusetts


Are you currently separated or planning on getting divorced? You might be asking yourself the question, Can I get legally separated in Massachusetts?

Even though you are still married you might be living separate lives, but legally a couple cannot get separated in Massachusetts however, if they are living apart either of them can file a Complaint for Separate Support. Here are the criteria for filing the complaint.

In the complaint, the Plaintiff must allege one of the following: 1) the Defendant is not providing suitable support, without justifiable cause; 2) the Plaintiff has been deserted by the defendant; 3) the Plaintiff is actually living apart from the Defendant for justifiable cause; or 4) the Plaintiff has justifiable cause for living apart from the Defendant.

In the action, the spouse may seek the following relief: 1) establish that such living apart from the Defendant is for justifiable cause; 2) prohibit Defendant from imposing any restraint on Plaintiff’s personal liberty; 3) grant custody of the minor and unemancipated children; 4) order suitable amount of support for the Plaintiff and/or minor children with suitable provision for health insurance; 5) order conveyance of real estate owned by the parties.

Thus, although there is no formal “legal separation” in Massachusetts, a Complaint for Separate Support allows spouses to live separate and apart, and can permit a court to issue orders regarding child custody, child support, alimony, and property division. This, in essence, accomplishes all that a divorce accomplishes, except the parties remain married.

Spouses can also consider executing a Postnuptial Agreement. A Postnuptial Agreement is similar to a Prenuptial Agreement, but is executed after the couple is already married. The Postnuptial Agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of each spouse in the event of a separation or divorce. It also outlines how your assets will be divided, as well as other issues, such as the payment of alimony, and which spouse will provide medical insurance.

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