Can Having a Baby Soon After Marriage Lead to Divorce


Are you thinking about filing for divorce? You might be wondering what went wrong and how things have come this far? Now is the time when you need to decide if you want a divorce or if you think you still want to be married. What will happen with your children and your finances?

There are numerous things that can cause a divorce, ranging from lack of communication, financial issues to infidelity. Many times people grow apart and not all marriages last. Sometimes the decisions we make in the beginning of a marriage can put additional pressure on an early marriage and lead to divorce.

One reason that might lead to divorce, according to a CDC study in 2012, is having a child early in the marriage, specifically within the first seven months of marriage. The study found that the duration of first marriages for couples aged 15-44, was greater for women who gave birth to their child after the first year of marriage. These marriages had a (77 percent) chance of lasting 15 years. Conversely, women who had their first child within the first seven months had a (48 percent) chance of their marriage only lasting for 15 years.

The reasons for this can be varied, a child can bring joy into marriage but very often if the marriage is already stressful then the young child can cause added friction to an already fraught marriage. For example, if one spouse is jealous or possessive, then the attention that a child requires could cause them to be jealous of the child. Also it’s possible that as a couple ages, there is less intimacy between partners and this can also cause a rift.

Regardless of the reasons why you want to get divorced, when it is time to get divorced, it is best to see the process through for all parties concerned. If you are ready to get a divorce and you need an attorney that is available to help you with your questions about how divorce works and how a custody arrangement might work for your family, then contact us today at Amaral & Associates P.C. We can help guide you through the divorce process and help you get on with your life and start moving towards a new future.

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