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August, 2017 Archives

The Benefits of Settling Your Divorce or Family Law Case Outside of Court

Divorce Massachusetts, Divorce Mass., Divorce Suffolk County, Divorce Middlesex County, Divorce Essex County, Divorce Norfolk County, Divorce Boston, Divorce Winthrop, Divorce East Boston, Divorce Revere, Divorce Danvers, Divorce Lynnfield, Divorce Marblehead, Divorce Swampscott, Divorce Nahant, Divorce Peabody, Divorce Salem, Divorce Saugus, Divorce Arlington, Divorce Belmont, Divorce Burlington, Divorce Cambridge, Divorce Everett, Divorce Malden, Divorce Medford, Divorce Melrose, Divorce North Reading, Divorce Reading, Divorce Somerville, Divorce Stoneham, Divorce Wakefield, Divorce Watertown, Divorce Wilmington, Divorce Winchester, Divorce Woburn, Divorce Brookline, Divorce Braintree, Divorce Milton, Divorce Quincy, Divorce ChelseaAll divorce and family law cases are stressful and emotional. Sometimes the first instinct of parents and spouses is to tell their ex “See you in court.” Although it can be emotionally satisfying to have your day in court and have your case heard by a Probate and Family Court judge, it may not be beneficial to you or your children.


Probate and Family Court judges all have very large dockets and caseloads. Each judge tries to give an adequate amount of time to each case, but given the backlog within the courts, this is not … Read More »

Can Alimony Last Past the Scheduled Termination Date?

Alimony Massachusetts, Alimony Mass., Alimony Suffolk County, Alimony Middlesex County, Alimony Essex County, Alimony Norfolk County, Alimony Boston, Alimony Winthrop, Alimony East Boston, Alimony Revere, Alimony Danvers, Alimony Lynnfield, Alimony Marblehead, Alimony Swampscott, Alimony Nahant, Alimony Peabody, Alimony Salem, Alimony Saugus, Alimony Arlington, Alimony Belmont, Alimony Burlington, Alimony Cambridge, Alimony Everett, Alimony Malden, Alimony Medford, Alimony Melrose, Alimony North Reading, Alimony Reading, Alimony Somerville, Alimony Stoneham, Alimony Wakefield, Alimony Watertown, Alimony Wilmington, Alimony Winchester, Alimony Woburn, Alimony Brookline, Alimony Braintree, Alimony Milton, Alimony Quincy, Alimony Chelsea, alimony modification, , alimony reform act, alimony termination, When the Alimony Reform Act was enacted in 2011, it provided for set termination dates of General Term Alimony, which is the most common type of alimony in Massachusetts. Under the statute, M.G.L. c. 208 §49(b), General Term Alimony will terminate after a certain period of time, depending on how long a couple was married. The termination date is calculated as follows:


Length of Marriage How Long Will Alimony Last 0-5 years No more than 50% of the total number of months from the date of marriage … Read More »

The Benefits of Engaging a Parenting Coordinator

The Benefits of Engaging a Parenting CoordinatorA Parent Coordinator is a Family Law Attorney or mental health professional who works with families relating to child custody and parenting time, whereby the Parent Coordinator assists parents to resolve and reach agreement concerning disagreements about co-parenting, custody, and the parenting schedule. Parent Coordinators are commonly used in child custody and parenting matters in Massachusetts as a way to resolve disputes without going to court. The Parent Coordinator typically acts as a referee to rule on any disputes, or works more like a mediator to help the parents negotiate and resolve any dispute.


Some parents look at Parent Coordinators as someone who is a referee and quasi-judge who decides which parent “wins” or “loses” specific disputes regarding co-parenting. Rather, a parenting coordinator is more like a mediator, who helps both parents work through a dispute and come to a relatively amicable resolution without the need for going back to court. This reduces the time needed to resolve the dispute (since it can be done privately and out of court), and can help preserve the … Read More »

How to Ask Your Fiancé for a Prenuptial Agreement

How to Ask Your Fiancé for a Prenuptial AgreementCongratulations! You’re engaged. You’re on your way to walking down the aisle on the happiest day of your life. There’s a lot to do to plan for the wedding. Find a location, book a caterer, find a dress, pick out a cake, and oh so much more. But there’s one more thing engaged couples should think of, and that is a prenuptial agreement.


Although the idea of asking your fiancé for a prenuptial agreement can feel like it is killing the romance and the flutter of preparing for your wedding day, it is a wise thing to consider, to protect each other for after you say “I do.” With divorce rates hovering around 60%, a prenuptial agreement is a tool to protect yourself in the even that “I do” turns into “I don’t.”


But how should you approach this topic with your fiancé?


First, start discussing the idea of a prenuptial agreement shortly after you get engaged. This way, you have the opportunity to discuss this in detail, and have time to negotiate, … Read More »

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