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Six Tips On How to Minimize Your Attorney's Fees in a Divorce or Family Law Case

save.jpgWhen you are going through a divorce or family law matter, it can cost a lot of money to hire an attorney. However, if you want to successfully navigate through the Probate and Family Court and the litigation process, having a lawyer can be crucial. There are ways, however, to minimize your legal fees from your attorney and achieve your goals. Here are six tips.

Protecting Your Assets in a Dating Relationship Through a Cohabitation Agreement

cohab.pngOnce a couple marries, there are certain protections and rights bestowed upon each spouse under the law. These rights include the right to property division in the event of divorce, the right to maintain medical insurance benefits through his/her spouse, and the right to alimony in the event of a divorce.

Am I Going to Have to Pay Alimony?

alimony.jpgWith the enactment and implementation of the Alimony Reform Act in 2012, a popular topic among divorcing spouses is whether one spouse will be required to pay the other spouse alimony. With the Alimony Reform Act, the guidelines and requirements for awarding alimony have changed. At the cornerstone of alimony is case law that has been on the books for at least 40 years, in which alimony is awarded where there is financial need for the recipient spouse, and the payor spouse has an ability to pay the support. This case law has not been changed by the Alimony Reform Act.

Winning the Lottery and Then Getting Divorced

lottery article.jpgThe odds of any person winning the lottery are very slim. However, if someone does win the lottery, and he/she is married at that time, under Massachusetts law, the lottery winnings are a marital asset. Under Massachusetts law, all property owned by one spouse individually, or both spouses jointly, is considered marital property. That means, if after winning the lottery, the spouses then divorce, the lottery winnings are part of the marital estate to be divided in the divorce; there is no presumption that the spouse who won the lottery gets to keep all of winnings.

How to Ask Your Soon to be Spouse for a Pre-nup

For many people, falling in love and preparing for marriage is a process that is so wonderful that they lose sight of the harsh reality that anything can happen and marriages often end. Therefore, the idea of a Pre-Nup is many times not spoken of, as it implies that there is a possibility that the soon to be marriage could potentially result in divorce one day. If you have assets, it is in your best interest to have a Pre-Nup prepared, but initiating a conversation with your spouse regarding the same is not always easy. The following are a few tips to assist you in asking your spouse for a Pre-Nup, while decreasing the chances of bringing turbulence to your relationship:Bring it up in the Beginning
If possible, at the beginning of any relationship, make it known that you intend to sign a Pre-Nup with whomever you marry. Your soon to be spouse will be aware and prepared for the conversation, eliminating any shock or personal concerns that you doubt the marriage will last.Use Good Timing
If you are already engaged and you haven't discussed your desire for a Pre-Nup, choose your timing wisely. Avoid having the discussion during or close to any time of celebration, as you do not want to ruin the mood. Try to have the conversation much earlier than your wedding day.Be Informative and Prepared
Make sure that you illustrate to your spouse that you will make sure that he or she is taken care of in the event of a split. Be prepared by knowing what you are going to give and what you are asking for, and explain the reasoning to your spouse in a way that he or she can relate to. Both parties can benefit from the
Pre-Nup if it is negotiated fairly.Concern for the Children
Asking for a Pre-Nup is easier if either of you have children from a previous marriage. Anyone can understand the need to protect the assets that your children are entitled to.For more information, contact us at

Getting Divorced? Do Not Ignore Your Credit Score (and How to Rebuild it if You Did)

credit divorce.jpgCredit scores are one of the most critical finances pieces of recovering financially from a divorce. Credit scores are also one of the most overlooked pieces of post-divorce, as I've found by communicating with thousands of followers of my blog, I reached out to Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education for, and author of the free ebook Debt Collection Answers: How to Use Debt Collection Laws to Protect Your Rights for tips on navigating this important reality of life.

8 Pieces Of Advice For Divorce In Your 20s

young couple fighting.jpgIt's easy to be hard on yourself when going through divorce in your 20s. While all your friends are busy planning their weddings on Pinterest, you're planning a new life without your spouse and dealing with mounting legal bills.

5 Essential Tips for Financial Planning After Divorce

divorce finances.pngDivorce is about severing ties and starting over, at the same time. Having a financial plan can help secure your future and give you peace of mind, but this process isn't without its challenges.

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