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In sickness and health: Wife's serious illness increases chance of divorce later in life; husband's doesn't

sick husband.jpg

Dependency Tax Exemptions and Divorce

Divorce-and-Taxes (640x426).jpgDuring the course of a divorce, there are many issues that spouses have to resolve: property division, alimony, child custody, child support, medical insurance, and taxes. One after thought of these many issues is the child dependency tax exemption.

6 money mistakes to avoid in a divorce

January can be an opportunity for a fresh start. And for some, that means ending unhappy marriages. In fact, January is known as "divorce season," the top month for divorce filings. For some, the change will be welcome, while for others it will come as a shock when they learn their spouse is leaving.

Getting The Most From A High-Dollar Divorce

Divorce is almost always an emotionally taxing experience. Divorces that involve millions (or billions) of dollars have an added level of intensity and drama. It's not uncommon for the parties in a divorce to act in irrational ways that may be counter to their own best interests or to make simple financial errors that can cost them dearly in the calculation of a settlement.

7 Resolutions to Having a Great Newly-Divorced Year

divorce resolutions.jpgIf 2015 will mark the first full calendar year since your divorce, January may feel not only like the beginning of a new year, but also the start of a new life. Divorce is a major life change, so what can you do to make this next year a change for the better? Besides all the usual New Year's promises of losing weight and exercising more, here are seven resolutions our team of attorneys and other colleagues who know what it takes to help you turn this first year post-divorce into your best year yet.

25 Ways to Cheer Yourself up During a Divorce

happy woman.pngGetting through divorce is never easy, no matter what the circumstances. If your energy is drained and you feel as though you're stuck, here are 25 sure-fire ways you can cheer yourself up and boost your energy while going through a divorce.

Protecting Your Pet in a Divorce

Despite pets being a loving and integral member of families, the law has not caught up with this view, and still sees pets as property. But because pets are such an integral part of families, during a divorce, it can be a "custody" battle over your pet that causes a lot of disagreement and friction.

Deciding To Divorce? 5 Harsh Realities You Need To Accept First

divorce.jpgdivorce.jpgA dear friend of mine recently made the heartbreaking decision to put her dog down. He was nearly 14 and had terminal cancer. It was awful for their family. She said, "It was so hard because he would still go for a run with my husband every day. He still loved his treats. But he was in so much pain."

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